Welding solutions

Different welding technologies for individual workpieces

HAANE welding systems has implemented successfully the following welding and cutting processes (acc. to ISO 4063):

  • 121 Submerged arc welding; SAW
  • 122 Submerged arc welding/cladding with strip electrode
  • 123 Multi wire submerged arc welding
  • 125 Submerged arc welding with flux cored wire
  • 131 Gas metal arc welding; GMAW; MIG
  • 135 Gas metal arc welding; GMAW; MAG
  • 136 Tubular cored metal arc welding with active gas shield
  • 137 Flux cored arc welding; FCAW
  • 141 Gas tungsten arc welding; GTAW / TIG
  • 151 Plasma arc welding, PAW
  • 152 Powder plasma arc welding; PTA
  • 521 Laser beam welding; LBW
  • 72 Electroslag welding; ES
  • 83 Plasma arc cutting
  • 18 Other arc welding processes, customized solutions

We would be willing to use a different or new welding process, or such to develop together with you to the optimum point. Contact us!

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