Positioners and Rollerbeds

Positioners and Rollerbeds

Positioners and rollerbeds - welding rotators and turning rolls

There might be a need or a preference to realize the weld travel speed by moving the workpiece instead of the torch or the welding head in mechanized or automated welding.

In these cases, welding rotators und turning rolls are used. They are available in many different versions and variations. HAANE welding systems is a specialist for designing and manufacturing customized solutions with maximum fit for customers application.

HAANE welding systems is furthermore experienced in realizing robot integration & collaboration of its various workpiece positioners.

Even for manual welding applications positioners can be used very efficiently by bringing the workpiece in the very best welding position. Remarkable savings in the main/arc- and as well in the idle-time of the manufacturing process are possible.

Height adjustable Tilting tables

3-axis welding positioners providing the functionalities: Rotation, tilting, height adjustment (2-axis, if no height adjustment) are the most common welding positioners.

Positioners made from HAANE welding systems are made in Germany are stiff and strong. A typical range is a load capacity between 2 and 100 tons.

There is a unique feature on positioners made from HAANE welding systems: The incredible low installation height providing an ergonomic and safe loading and the extremely high workpiece swing diameter.

You are happy to provide customized table plate design and/or operation features.

Cradle-type positioner

Cradle-type positioners are used if the workpieces are tremendous in size and/or extraordinary heavy.

As an option additional height adjustment can be chosen as well as robot-integration.

In case manual welders are working in the hazard area of the machine, a special safety package can be added in compliance with actual CE-regulations. This may also include a safety clamping jig.

Sky-hook positioner

For workpieces that need access for welding or other treatment in many workpiece areas a sky-hook positioner may be a good choice. As indicated in the name a 3-axis L-positioner offers maximum access to the workpiece, as if a sky-hook is holding it.

Flat turn table

Flat turn tables work with horizontal table plate, the workpiece is rotating around its vertical, longitudinal axis.

Quite often the flatness of the entire table plate is of great importance for not having unacceptable altitude in height whilst rotation. HAANE welding systems can deliver flat turn tables with very sturdy and precise table plates and bearings, even for heavy loads of up to 100 tons. A low height of our tables is a special HAANE feature.

Head & Tailstock positioner

Head & tailstock positioners (E-positioners) are made for either rotating the workpiece for circumferential welding or turning around the workpiece for access reasons. Many variations are available: Powered headstock with idle tailstock, both sides powered, backlash free drives and collaborating drives as an additional robot axis. The available options are stationary system, system on rails, additional height adjustment.

Very popular is a lathe type positioner, where head & tailstock are connected by a sturdy machine bed and is used for welding in a pipe spool shop or for weld overlaying or surfacing purpose.

Flip-over device

If there are slim, very high and very heavy workpieces that need to be turned 90° or flipped over 180° for further processing, this can be a dangerous job to do by overhead crane, in addition occupying the same.

This is a typical application for a flip-over device.

Rollerbeds – Standard & selbstausrichtend

HAANE welding systems offers a wide range of standard rollerbeds that can be found in our standard product catalogue. All products are Made in Germany.

Inquiries for customized solutions are welcome.

Anti-drift rollerbed

Workpieces that are rotated on rollerbeds for a substantial amount of turns may not stay at the same point in longitudinal direction, but the workpiece may drift away along the horizontal way. The cause may lie in the workpieces as well in the rollerbed. The shape of the workpiece may be out of roundness, the COG (center of gravity) may be unbalanced or the geometrical shape is a cone and not a cylinder. On the rollerbed side the rollerbed may not be positioned perfectly rectangular to the rotation axis.

In such cases anti-creep rollerbeds may help. A sensor detects the axial drift and the rollers take action by turning or changing height in order to compensate for that.

Fit-up rollerbed

Before joining two workpieces e.g. pipes or cans laying on rollerbeds by circumferential welding, very often there is a need to do a fit-up, which means getting the joint with regards to high-low and gap in acceptable shape all way around. But the workpieces may have imperfections in the cut of the joint, in roundness, in diameter, in cylindrical shape e.g. cones, which will result in an ill fit.

In this case fit-up rollerbeds can help. They have various adjustment facilities in horizontal and vertical direction, they can adjust the center line and can affect the shape to a certain extend. Once the joint is satisfactory at one point, it will be tack welded and the same procedure will be continued all way round.

HAANE welding systems can offer various designs from 10-500 tons of loading capacity.

HAANE welding systems offers a wide range of standard solutions (pls. see products/standard product catalogue) as well as existing special solutions and is also looking forward to finding a customized solution for your individual application.

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