From manipulator to robot portal

From manipulator to robot portal

Last year we were able to implement a successful project at Siemens Energy in Berlin in cooperation with our partners Robosys and Merkle Schweisstechnik.

There was a desire to further automate an existing HAANE SAW system and to equip it with new welding technology. The goal was to be able to produce several different turbine models (including particularly large models) faster and more efficiently on the existing 200 t tilt and turntable.

Working together with Siemens, the idea was developed and implemented of integrating a robot, including new welding and plasma technology, into the existing column and boom. With the help of this system, even the most difficult component geometries can now be welded and cut almost automatically.

Umbau Automatenträger
Upgrading the machine in our facility in Borken

For an efficient workflow and in a time-saving manner, the existing manipulator was dismantled on site in Berlin and reassembled in our factory in Borken. The column and boom was then equipped with a new Kuka robot, including new MIG welding and plasma cutting technology. In addition, a completely new extraction system was installed.

The special challenge in the on-site reconstruction was the marriage with our 200 t tilt and turntable, which should continue to be used. For this purpose, a special substructure rail system has been designed and newly installed. Together with our partners, we were able to carry out the project successfully and within the tight time frame, so that the converted system has now been in use very successfully.

Roboterportal in Kombination mit 200t Drehtisch
marriage of the machine with the 200t tilt and turn table

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