Offshore Industry

Offshore Industry

Offshore Piles & Pipes, Monopiles

Welding of offshore structures monopiles, plate joining, submarine pipelines, subsea components

Offshore structures are produced under high level performance standards.

HAANE welding systems delivers stable and reliable welding and handling equipment that meets the challenges in the offshore industry, quite often following manufacturing guidance in accordance with DNVGL-ST-F101 (previous DNV-OS-F101) and DNVGL-OS-C401 regulations.

When harvesting wind with offshore windmills oftentimes monopiles are used as foundation structure. Nowadays they have reached such enormous dimensions, that new and innovative manufacturing methods and manufacturing equipment is required. Welding platforms up to 17 m of height with several welding heads presenting very high deposition rates, plate joining stations, fit-up rollerbeds that also can handle cones, telescopic booms to make the inside welding most efficient, especially if double or triple jointing of the cans is done before these segments are entering the growing line.

For the nowadays most powerful wind turbines there is also a need for the use of offshore wind towers with unprecedendet size and weight. An efficient production of such offshore towers differs from what is standard for the manufacturing of onshore wind towers. Equipment for fabrication of these new offshore towers is available from us.

HAANE welding systems is a flexible supplier, innovative and quick in design. This enables us to quickly develop and build new welding production equipment that will make you the market leader in this field when new market requirements arise.

When submarine pipelines are laid in the seabed by a pipelay vessel, every minute counts because time is money. Consequently, the pipe section entering the fireline shall be as long as possible, pipes are joint together onboard of the barge by double jointing stations. HAANE welding systems supplies welding equipment for such double jointing stations, welding heads, inside booms, welding controllers, flux handlings systems, trollies, no tack units.

Our team holds valid offshore training licenses and seaman’s books for installation and service.

For deep water applications highly sensitive, welded components are needed, for example components for upstream operations. HAANE welding systems supplies advanced welding equipment, entire functions units, fit for use for this job.

Monopiles & Transition Pieces

Monopiles are a popular choice for foundations for offshore wind towers. As the power of the windmills has significantly increased, so has the dimensions and stability of the monopile foundations. We are talking about diameters of 12.000 mm and more, wall thicknesses up to 150 mm, total weight exceeding 2.000 tons.

They must be produced in a predefined and narrow price and time slot.

Thus they must be manufactured with high efficiency. HAANE Welding Systems offers huge welding platforms with several high deposit welding heads, fit-up unit for preproduction of twins and triple cans before entering the growing line, telescopic column & boom for efficient inside welding, fit-up units for cones, plate joining tables for joining the plates in needed length for one can, flange fit-up and welding stations. Of course our welding heads are equipped with joint tracking units, laser trackers, flux suppling and recovery systems.

We know how important it is for our customers to avoid downtime. So, we do predictive maintenance, usually install remote service access at our machines, we do calibration work and if needed, we are quickly on side. Please visit also

We also deliver welding equipment for pin piles tension legs and jackets.

Double Jointing of Pipes

When laying a submarine pipeline in the seabed by a pipelay vessel, it can be done faster, if the single pipe sections entering the fireline are as long as possible.

This is the reason why double jointing of pipes is done on board.

HAANE welding systems does not only supply welding equipment for such double jointing stations, welding heads, inside booms, welding controllers, flux handlings systems, but also is providing the entire pipe conveying system. We do installation work on board, start-up and after sales service, worldwide.

Our team holds valid offshore training licenses and seaman’s books for installation and service.

Welding of Subsea Components

HAANE Welding Systems provides complete functional units, stationary as well as mobile ones, for automated butt welding of subsea components.

Typical welding processes are TIG, GMAW and SAW. Eligible materials are Duplex-/Super-Duplex-, stainless steel, nickel cladded carbon steels (CRA) and titanium.

For managing the manufacturing process in a workmanlike manner you additionally need suitable joint preparation tools, preheating equipment, voltage stabilizer, laser scanners for a good seam tracking, purging devices to guarantee a low oxide clean root appearance, welding parameter controller, parameter documentation, track & trace system, and more.

Sometimes all these parts are pieced together, non-integrated, resulting in a lot of cables and hoses laying around, cables to the main connection, welding and control cables between the single units. Such cable lutter is sensitive for disturbance and after each connection and disconnection a new calibration needs to be done.

HAANE Welding Systems provides complete functional units, all single components properly fix and well assembled and ready for use at any time.

For example, all equipment integrated into a navigable 40 “-container, including a small workshop, joint bevelling tools and climate chambers for save storing of welding consumables. One single connection point for all needed mains only.

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